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Training & Recruitment

To ensure only the finest guards are provided to our customers, we ourselves at Atrium FM select, recruit and train all our staff. We have qualified trainers approved by National Open College Network (N.O.C.N) and the training is certified by Skills For Security.

Criminal Conviction Checks

All our staff are security checked for criminal convictions in accordance with the data protection act to ensure they are suitable candidates to be employed within the security industry. This procedure is carried out via Disclosure Scotland.

All our guards are trained and prepared to respond to emergency situations, as we at Atrium FM place great emphasis not only on our rigorous initial training programmes but throughout the career of the guards.

By investing in continuous training and development programmes our guards are specially trained to resolve delicate situations and handle sensitive negotiations while maintaining full control in an utmost professional manner. Our emphasis on communication skills continues to produce positive and effective results.

In-house training can also be provided by Atrium FM to enable your employees to be proactive in the prevention of crime. Training takes place within the fully equipped and modernised Atrium Centre and our Head Office, and opportunities are available for your own staff to achieve approved certificates, all of which are certified through Skills For Security.

Our Professionalism

ISO 9001. It is an essential requirement for us to comply to their meticulous and stringent standards. An annual inspection is carried out throughout our organisation to ensure staffing, management, work practices and training are of an acceptable level in accordance with British Standards 7499.

External audits thoroughly examining all company records & staff to ensure policies & procedures are in operational effect and being observed.

Atrium FM is a quality assured company registered to BS EN ISO 9001 standards, providing you with quality and distinction, giving you the confidence to deal with us.

Confidentiality is first and foremost guaranteed to our customers.

To maintain the ultimate professional image fully uniformed Security Officers are supplied. In addition, where required and appropriate, plain clothed security staff can be installed into customer's assignments.

Upon request we can also supply a guard with full First Aid training.

Skyguard Personal Safety.

At Atrium FM we pride ourselves in protecting our staff against any acts of violence either physically or verbally and to ensure our staff feel safe at all times we issue them with their own Personal Security Alarms (PSA) operated by Skyguard through their 24 hour manned control room via GPS system. Should our staff feel threatened in any manner or become ill or injured during their tour of duty a simple call button activated on their PSA will alert Skyguard Control Room of their exact location. The Skyguard Controller will then despatch the appropriate Response Service to attend. This modern up to the minute technology also allows the Control Room to listen to what's going on at the location and where appropriate speak to the Security Officer and advise him that assistance is en route. Skyguard

All our staff are fully supervised through radio contact via our fully manned 24 hour control room plus regular supervisory visits, therefore, in the case of an emergency total back up is provided. In addition to the above we can install the most up-to-date electronic clocking system recording the guards movement throughout the tour of duty to ensure all checking procedures are carried out by the guard, giving guaranteed patrol cover.

A comprehensive change over between guards is implemented at all sites.

Full and accurate incident and daily/weekly/monthly reports are produced for all our customers keeping them fully aware of security procedures.



Atrium FM believes that for training to be effective, it must be relevant, well planned and an ongoing process. To that end, our training process takes the following form:

Initial Training

Prior to acceptance for employment by Atrium FM, all staff undergo an initial 4 day Induction Training Course which is carried out to standards above those laid down in BS7499 + SIA legal requirements Code of Practice for Manned Guarding and which includes instruction from the Police on arrest procedures and legal rights. The Skills for Security and NOCN certify this course.

Specialist Training

Prior to allocation to a site, staff are required to complete any site-specific needs for specialist training courses such as IT, First Aid, CCTV Operators, Customer Care, Fire Safety and Conflict Management.

Site-Specific Training

All Atrium FM contract staff are given the necessary number of shifts of on-site training appropriate to the complexity of the site. This includes, where possible, an address by a representative of the customer to familiarise our personnel with the background and ethos of the organisation for whom they will be providing a vital service and presenting a most important image. After this initial period, no untrained staff are allowed on site except for this purpose, under constant supervision, of receiving instruction for the assignment. It is Atrium FM policy to train supernumerary staff, at our own expense, to provide sickness and holiday cover. Control

Continuation Training

This is planned in co-ordination with Assignment Instructions and is introduced at the outset of any work on any site. All continuation training is carried out in conjunction with that required for NVQ asessment. This ensures a high level of training on an on-going basis.



Vetting within Atrium FM is taken extremely seriously. Vetting procedures are monitored closely and potential staff will not be progressed through the interview stages if it is considered that there will be undue difficulty or delay in vetting them to the required standard.


The screening procedure begins as soon as the company receives an applicant's details. An initial telephone vet is caried out, and in any case where this proves to be less than totally satisfactory, the applicant will progress no further. For applications that are accepted, this initial telephone vetting procedure is followed by full written confirmation of all verbal references. This is cross-referenced thoroughly in order that the authenticity of the referee can be verified and the quality of the reference corroborated. Atrium FM insists on the highest quality of referees throughout to ensure that the integrity of the vetting process is maintained.


If the outcome of this initial screening process is positive, the applicant will be invited to attend an initial interview for assessment. If this is satisfactory, a second interview will take place with the relevant Operations Manager. Applicants are informed in writing as to the results of their interview, and, if they reach the required standard in all respects, will be invited to attend a company induction-training course.


The vetting procedure continues during the Induction Training Course. Applicants are vetted fully, to a minimum of 10 years as specified in BS7858.

In the case of former members of the armed services, vetting can normally be completed swiftly, which is advantageous to many of our clients who require fully vetted and trained staff to be provided quickly and efficiently.

Credit Check

All applicants are subject to a full credit check via our on-line Info link facility.

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