Security Services

Atrium FM offer a range of services which can be tailored to suit the particular needs of our customers:

Your Security Solution

The best defence against crime is security, and we at Atrium offer cost effective means to ensure your premises are protected at all times from intruders by delivering the highest quality security at any time of the day, month or year.
Atrium Security will review each individual customers layout of their premises and design an appropriate security programme to suit you and your security needs. Atrium Security provide service commitment of the highest standards to all our customers and have a strict company policy of quality and active involvement to satisfy and listen to our customers.

Static Guarding

For comprehensive security protection a full time security officer is the complete answer. 24 hour control can be provided where guards carry out a detailed check of the property before each shift and at regular intervals throughout. Having that continuous presence ensures against any form of intrusion day or night.

Compliant to BS7499:2013

Mobile Checks

Should you require security presence but do not wish for a full time guard, then this is the ideal service for you. Making a number of guaranteed visits as required by the customer, your premises will be visited throughout this period of time. Doors, windows, water supplies, heating appliances and electrical equipment are checked for signs of fire hazards or other risks. Should our guards encounter any disturbing incidents whilst patrolling they will immediately assist in rectifying the situation.

Once the premises are secured the guard returns at sporadic intervals maintaining continuous safety and security. Every incident dealt with is reported to you with a full security report giving you valuable knowledge for the management of the security of your building/premises enabling you to take the necessary action sooner than later. Mobile Patrols are often suitable for a group of companies to adopt within the one geographic area, allowing the cost to be covered by more than one party while providing the security of your property.

Secure Lock Down

We can ensure your property is securely locked down, ensuring the safety of your staff and saving you the hassle of opening/closing specific locations.

Keyholding/Alarm Response

Keyholding/Alarm response services are in high demand from the security industry from a variety of clients. This service enables you to have financial economical benefits as it saves on staff overtime, it allows us to save your time as we deal with the inconvenience of security whilst you're not there. Atrium Security will be your official keyholder taking on the responsibility of ensuring that your building/premises is safe and secure. Activated alarms will be responded to by us within a guaranteed time period, keeping noise and risk to a minimum. Our guard will attend your property and investigate the situation. In the case of emergencies we assist in a quicker and safer response as we aid emergency services in gaining access to your property locating potential problem areas and exit routes quicker.

Compliant to BS7984:2008

Concierge/Reception Guards

Welcoming visitors into your premises is an important area for all companies. Not only in acting as a first line of contact for your customers but also as a deterrent to unwelcome guests. A smart well-uniformed guard will record all visitors and issue security passes in an efficient manner. All our security personnel are trained in deterrent strategy and customer liaison, helping protect staff and property, while offering a friendly and effective service.

Retail Security

Even with today's "high tech" security surveillance systems, CCTV and tagging, too many thieves are still lifting your profits. One of the best deterrents is a clearly visible and uniformed security guard. Shoplifters become quickly aware of ways around electronic systems, but a manned guard can still catch the thief in the act and take appropriate action. We have invested heavily in the training of our guards to understand where the retailer is most at risk and how to respond to incidents in an effective and efficient manner. This thorough approach to security will deter the "undesirable" from entering your store. We can also supply Store Detectives should you require.

Emergency Call Out Cover

Let down by your own security company?
Find you have been broken into?
Don't have enough security cover due to staff sickness or holidays?

Atrium Security can provide an emergency security service to non registered clients for all types of premises.

Sub Contracting

We would be pleased to discuss sub contract work with reputable security companies, who are currently ISO9001 Certificated and are registered with BSIA, ISI or IPSA. We have Approved Contracts status with the Security Industry Authority.

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